Raiders of the Lost Ark

Modern day Ron Wyatt has made
some remarkable discoveries. Please join us
now to see these Biblical sites come to life!
Yes, they are real!

The following pictures are from the video
  Much study led Ron to come up with this design. It proved to be extremely stable. Stone ballasts hung from the keelsons which prevented it from drifting too fast.
  Radar mapping, sample testing, and much research confirmed this to be the resting place of Noah's Ark!
  Ron was interviewed on nationwide television about Noah's Ark.
  Nature does not produce features that resemble man made structures like this.
  Sodom and Gomorrah. These are definitely not natural formations.
  Thousands upon thousands of sulfur balls were everywhere.
  A pillar with markings that revealed it to be a monument to the Red Sea crossing. An identical pillar was found on the opposite shore.
  Sunset, and a longing desire to get to the other side, to find Mount Sinai.
  Ron diving in the area that the British bathometric maps showed a shallow path that was just what the Israelites needed to cross the Red Sea.
  A Gold covered chariot wheel in this same area.
  Mount Sinai! When God descended on the mount, it was on fire. IS that why this mountain is black on top!
  Moses struck the Rock and water flowed out. Leading away from the rock is a dried up river bed that had all the characteristics of water erosion.
  Historians today say that King Tut died very young, and their research denies a reason for death. They say he was healthy and no reason can be given for dying. We know however that he was Pharaohs first-born, and died with all the first-born from the destroying Angel.
  Ron coming out of the cave entrance to the Ark.
  Jesus, having died on the cross, shed His blood which went through the rocks directly onto the Ark. This fulfilled the sacrificial system that required the Atoning blood be applied to the ark within the Most Holy.
  An artists rendition of what Ron saw.
  A reenactment of a crucifixion quickly revealed that this site had all of the identifying characteristics of Galgotha, as written in the Bible!
  Read this! Ron presents this topic during his presentations.

Lord Lord by Ron Wyatt

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