Promotional Video

  • Economy Package - $1600.00
    1. Includes one day of video taping interviews, business operations, etc.
    2. Editing to complete video of 3 to 5 minutes duration.
  • Custom Package - $55 per hour
    This package is taylor made to you. You have full control of everything. Time spent video taping and editing is up to you. We consult with you for complete scripting.
  • Premium Package - $5000.00
    1. Includes 3 days of video taping at your location. Does not include transportation.
    2. Scripting and professional narration.
    3. Animated Graphics
    4. Edited Master of up to 5 minutes duration, and 5 copies.

We have been to many countries and have traveled the U.S.A. extensively. We have been as far north as Alaska and as far south as Venezuela and Colombia, as far east as India including Hawaii, and Boston, MA and New York to the east. .

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