Fairchild Air Force Base
Air Show!

The wind was blowing from 20 to 25 knots, and it was a great Air Show. My favorite was Nicolai from Russia. I never did get his last name. It is hard to put into words his style of flying. Its... almost like ballet. He maintained control of his SU-26 when it looked like it was totally out of control.... all the time in total control! The Army Golden Nights started off the show with the Flag jump. The Texan AT-6 was there. The Stealth B-2 and F-117 flew. A Mig-15 made the rounds. And that C-17 is sure a large bird! The YAK-54 was almost as good as the SU-26.... almost!

At 60 minutes, this video is great. Nicely styled music moves the static displays with nice transitions.

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