Consumer - Family

  • Video taping rates are $45 per hour for 1 camera plus tape.
    Second camera is $25 extra per hour plus tape.
  • Editing rates are $45 per hour plus master tape cost.

What you get:

You get a nicely edited video with the music of your choice.

  • You have lots of pictures? No problem! We can put as many photos as you like on your video with music in the background.
  • You have lots of home videos? You can mix your home videos with your family photos.
  • You want to video tape an important event? Just call us.
  • Your church having a special function? We will bring 2 cameras and make all the copies you need.
  • Family events? Birthdays, Weddings, Funerals, just call us.
  • Photo videos cost $1.00 per photo with a minimum of 60 photos. There is no limit to how many pictures you may have.

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